What I love best about using sigils is the ability to hide in plain sight. Sigil magick is the art of using symbols and images to create a specific intent or outcome. This simple, yet effective style of magick is easy for anyone to perform in a basic and accessible way. In Sigil Witchery, author Laura Tempest Zakroff guides the new and experienced readers into the art of Sigil Magick. I love her writing style. Zakroff starts out giving you her personal background, an introduction to sigil magick and some of the basics to get us started.

I can relate to the author, as a child I was always creating something with whatever materials I could find. Even as a child I found magic in creating something from nothing. From drawing to painting to creating with clay, I was bringing to life the world I saw around me. I also created my own power symbols which looking back now, I would consider a form of sigil magick.

Zakroff begins with some history and exploring the early art of ancient man. She explores the early communications and art of creating such complex designs in dark conditions such as caves, early tools that were created, and the time and love that must be taken to create what has stood the test of time. While it is left to speculation what the meaning and uses of these early markings meant to them, it inspires a spark of creativity and awe even today. I love how the author doesn’t assume the reader already knows all about the subject and walks us through in an easy to understand journey with examples and definitions. She explores the various cultures and symbols that makes you appreciate the art and history behind it.

Next, she jumps into the meaning of various marks. In such a high technological time, we forget the simple use of basic shapes and signs. Most of us type a message whether it’s a text or email and forget the simple science behind writing and drawing images and lines. One of my favorite and simple symbols she gives the example of is the spiral. She explains how the spiral is the shape of life and how things grow. It symbolizes journey and inspiration. There is so much magick that can be told in such a simple drawing.

She goes into the step by step of creating and planning your sigil. Next comes what type of medium you may want to use. Do you sketch? Sew? Paint? Create jewelry? There are so many possibilities as she helps you weave your symbols in hidden or plain sight. There is so much packed into this book, it definitely earns a spot on your witchy bookshelf!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Laura Tempest Zakroff
Llewellyn Publications,2018
pp. 264, $19.99

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