An accomplished author of several books, including those on Faery, Tarot, Magic and Mermaids, Lucy Cavendish, now brings us Spellbound: The Secret Grimoire of Lucy Cavendish. Lucy is the creator of Australia and New Zealand’s Witchcraft magazine and is an avid tarot reader. She has been found on the radio, and on television in her own 2004 special called Everyone’s a Psychic. Readers can also find her voice through any of her meditation CD’s.

Spellbound is a compilation of Lucy’s own magickal workings. She begins with the defining of common terms used in witchcraft. The reader is introduced to what magick and spells are and also what the rules of witchcraft are according to her followed tradition which appears to have strong Wiccan influence. The reader will then learn some brief history and how to connect to their ancestor’s magick. Readers can expect to learn some important details in spell casting as Lucy writes about working spells around the moons energy, offerings, seasonal timing, etc. She provides information and ideas to get the most out of the energy you have available at specific times in the month or the year.

Continuing through the book the reader will have guided assistance in creating altars, getting their mind in magick mode, gathering tools, and journaling. Lucy helps readers find and maintain a sacred space and offers a step by step guide to casting a circle, introducing elements and closing the circle allowing the reader to enter into their magickal workings safely.

Lucy gives readers a brief look at several of the Gods and Goddesses they may choose to call. She includes deity from different pantheon including Greek, Welsh, Nordic, Hindu, Roman, etc. The book provides information about the benefits of working with specific deity within the works of spells. You will find this book provides correspondences that are essential when working within specific days of the week and within specific astrological alignments. Readers will also acquire several prewritten spells that are ready to be worked for desired outcomes and sabbats. They will also learn how to craft a few magickal items that can be used in their personal practice.

Spellbound is an aesthetically beautiful book. The font, color and designed cover makes it appear mysterious and magickal. Its contents are just as intriguing to the spell casting novice or one interested in learning what magick is all about. Lucy provides many tools readers need to get started in their craft and I would feel confident recommending this book to those craft beginners seeking knowledge and direction.
~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Lucy Cavendish
Rockpool Publishing, 2013
p. 208, $$14.95

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