Moon Magic has been synonymous with witchcraft since the beginning. However Sun Magic is just as important to balance your magical workings. The sun itself is an amazing entity that all life on our planet needs in order to survive. We live in harmony with the sun in our daily lives, so it makes sense to incorporate Sun Magic into your workings as well.

Author Rachel Patterson explains how you can best work with the various Sun Phases such as Sunrise, the morning, high noon, the afternoon and Sunset. Some intentions you may want to work on are matched well with the sun such as success, ambition, health, joy, freedom, creativity, growth, and so much more. She also dives into some of the history and mythology used in various cultures. Exploring the myths, most have a common theme of the moon and sun tied together whether that is husband and wife, or brother and sister etc. They have a common theme of balance. In the book is a list of solar deities where the reader can find which god or goddess associated with the sun best fits for their magical intention. Ancient cultures have long since worshiped and prayed to the sun and that practice continues today. The book gives some brief descriptions of some of these that are quite interesting and open for further exploration.

Sun Magic also takes a look at the solstices and equinoxes. The book has suggestions for the various magic works to explore during the summer and winter solstices as well as what the reader may want to focus on during the equinox for spring and autumn as well. The author also adds a section about eclipse magic in the book.

Another section that is handy to have on hand is the sun signs and knowing when the sun is in a specific zodiac sign to use. Also in the book is a section on sun herbs and plants. Whether you want to use for spell working, herbal remedies, teas, etc this list is a helpful one that you can reference again and again.

The book has an amazing amount of great information packed within its small package that is great to have easy access to. Whether you want to learn more about deities, solar animals and plants, meditations, spells and more, I recommend adding Sun Magic to your bookshelf.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Rachel Patterson
Moon Books, July 1, 2019
pp. 144, $10.95

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