Danielle Dulsky has just released her second book, Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman. Dulsky is a yoga instructor, an energy healer and poet. Her words and creativity are just as inspirational and beautiful as her content. Her deep connection with the wild feminine and earth based spirituality is felt through every sentence she writes. Readers loved and devoured her first book Woman Most Wild, and they will not be let down with book number two because its energy and message is powerful.

Dulsky's poetic words serve to invite the reader to join her on their own unique quest to find their own Holy Wild. She spends the first chapters of the book defining the terms that she uses; things like the Red Road, heathen and the Holy Wild. She discusses the connection of every living being to the earth religion and encourages them to look far enough in history to find their own connection. Further the reader will be referred to by numerous titles throughout the book: Priestess, Witch, Heathen, Wolf-Woman, etc. Empowering the feminine and ripping apart the boundaries previously set Dulsky paths the way for a heathen revolution.
The next chapters serve as small books contained in one, taking the reader deeper into the elements. Readers will find their connection to the earth, fire, water, wind and ether as they explore their own individual connection and perform guided exercises to assist them along the way. Rituals, magick, incantations and more, Dulsky holds nothing back as readers explore and learn how to connect for either the first time or at a deeper level than ever before.
The goddess archetype is stripped down and rebuilt throughout the pages. Readers will learn how she has been suppressed and misinterpreted and yet survived. They will be encouraged to find their own connection to the archetype they are drawn to and find new respect for those that they may not be as intimate with. Readers will be a part of the Goddess return and through the reader feel her presence inside them stirring.
I recommend this book to anyone looking to find or energize that lost feminine within. For any spiritually minded person seeking to connect to the elements and get back to their heathen roots. I recommend the Holy Wild to anyone who is tired of new religion being forced upon us and want to return to the way our ancestors found their connection to the One. The Holy Wild is a powerful read that is sure to encourage, empower, and help the reader reclaim their own spiritual path.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Danielle Dulsky
New World Library, 2018
p. 291, $$15.95

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