Magick can be practiced anywhere. Spirits and elements are not restricted to forests and wooded areas. You can find them among the concrete building and busy sidewalks of any urban city setting. Author Diana Rajchel shows the reader how to find and work with urban energies in her latest book, Urban Magick: A Guide for the City Witch.

The author explains that Urban Magick does not have a religious framework, so no matter what your path, you can work with city magick. Another thing she mentions is that nature can be found living in the city just as much as outside of it. Another unique feature is that the city itself has a spirit that has its own unique personality. As the reader works with urban magick, they can determine what will work and what doesn’t in their city.

The book has plenty of rituals and spells that can adapt for city life. It has everything from urban art magick, to city elemental rituals (I especially liked the one for the park water fountain), to simple exercise such as bird or animal watching. The author provides down to earth teaching styles for these techniques that anyone can follow. The most important idea is to keep an open mind and listen to your city. The ancient cities are full of history and older deep rooted spirits, but even the newer cities can find an array of elements, spirits, and energy that the reader can connect and work with.

The book includes a section dedicated to Spells for Urban Living. These are spells that are typically used for intentions and assistance needed only in cities but can be adapted as needed. Some spells included are eviction prevention, safer neighborhood, street protection from predators, evil off shoe spray, job finder, and more to assist the reader to make city life easier.

This book is a refreshing take on how to work magick for those who dwell in a city or urban environment. While I reside in the suburbs, this is a great read for the city dwelling with!
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Diana Rajchel
Llewellyn Publications, 2020
pp. 312, $17.99

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