Llewellyn Books latest release, What is Remembered Lives by Phoenix LeFae is a guide to help you connect and create relationships with Deities, Ancestors and the Fae. The book is well written in an easy to understand manner for those who are beginners or experienced practioners.

After the beginning of why, how and ritual basics, it is set up into four main sections. Section one is Devotion, section two is Honor, section three is Connection, and section four is Putting it into practice. At the front of the book is a quick cheat sheet of exercises and rituals and what pages they are located on. This is very handy for those utilizing this book time and time again.
In Devotion, the author covers getting to know a Godd. (The author uses the term Godd to cover both a female and male version for Deity) She helps the reader prepare how to get to know them before you perform the ritual. She also mentions that all the Godds mentions in the book are ones she has personally interacted with.

Chapter four introduces the Deities if Magic including Baba Yaga, Brigid, Morgan LeFay, and other Godds of Magick. The next chapter is Deities of Mystery including Dionysus, Hapi, Mithras, and more. The last chapter in this section is Deities of Revolution and covers Aradia, Thor, Lilith and others. Each of them has information, background, exercises and rituals.

The second section is Honor. In this section the author goes into working with ancestors, the beloved dead, the mighty dead, and then all the dead. The beloved dead are those you loved in this life. This may include relatives, friends, and even pets. This section deals with not just reconnecting but how to use grief as healing in the chapter.

The mighty dead are those who have influenced our path such as Gerald Gardner, Dion Fortune, Victor and Cora Anderson, Margot Adler. These are teachers and pioneers in the pagan ways that have passed over to the other side. Each has a small biography written and how they influenced our practices today.
In the section Connection, the reader can learn about working with the Fae. This section helps us reconnect with our land, the local flora, Fae courtesies, where the Fae realm is, how to attract them, what offerings should be left and more.

In the final section, the author wraps up how to put what you have learned into practice. She lists out the months with exercises and suggestion on a few of the days. There are some great ideas that can be added to your own practices. I especially enjoyed the suggestions on daily practice. It’s easy to get wrapped up into the details of our busy mundane world and forget to pay attention to our spiritual one.

I recommend this to anyone willing to open up to the unseen world and connect with the spirits around them.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Phoenix LeFae
Llewellyn Publications, Oct 8, 2019
pp. 264, $17.99

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