Sunday, April 24, 2022 Lisa Mc Sherry

I don't know about you, but where I live the weather can't seem to make up its mind. Warm and encouraging the flowers to bloom one day, then serving up hail and cold misery the next. Perhaps it's an encouragement to stay in and read a good book? If so, the Review Circle has a great line up for you this month!

In April we offer you:

Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel: A Post-Patriarchal Paradigm
The Twilight of Pluto: Astrology and the Rise and Fall of Planetary Influences
Naming the God
Blodeuwedd: Welsh Goddess of Seasonal Sovereignty (Pagan Portals)  
Flower Essences from the Witches Gardenn: Plant Spirits in Magickal Herbalism
Healing Plants of Greek Myth: The Origins of Western Medicine and Its Original Plant Remedies Derived from Greek Myth
Polytheistic Monasticism: Voices from Pagan Cloisters
Tarot for Real Life: Use the Cards to Find Answers to Everyday Questions
Wanderer's Tarot
Folkloric American Witchcraft and the Multicultural Experience: A Crucible at the Crossroads
Once Around the Sun: Stories, Crafts, and Recipes to Celebrate the Sacred Earth Year
Ozark Folk Magic: Plants, Prayers & Healing

Last month we offered:

Witch Queens, Voodoo Spirits, and Hoodoo Saints A Guide to Magical New Orleans
Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: My Seven Years in Occult Los Angeles with Manly Palmer Hall
How to Become a Mermaid: Embodying the Elemental Energy of Water
Sekhmet: Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra (Pagan Portals)  
Saving Mother Ocean (Earth Spirit)  
Empty Cauldrons: Navigating Depression Through Magic and Ritual
Psychic Skills for Magic & Witchcraft: Developing Your Spirit, Intuition & Clairvoyance
The Magic of Tarot: Your Guide to Intuitive Readings, Rituals, and Spells
Becoming the Witch: The Art of Magick
The Witch's Book of Spellcraft: A Practical Guide to Connecting with the Magick of Candles, Crystals, Plants & Herbs
The Witch at the Forest's Edge: Thirteen Keys to Modern Traditional Witchcraft
Beneath the Moon: Witchcraft and Moon Magic for a Deeper Practice

May the promise of better days fill you with hope!




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