Graham’s improvisational piano music is breathtakingly beautiful, simply enchanting. As Graham states, the aim of his CD “is to let a spiritual light shine through the music, while relaxing the listener.” I personally feel that he has done a magnificent job of doing what he set out to do.


Transparencies Too has a pleasantly flowing quality to it, in which its melodic sounds bring forth within the listener, a sense of calming tranquility, and a wonderful feeling of harmony, which leaves the listener feeling peaceful within, serene. The music gently melds with the listener creating a calming/soothing atmosphere that I personally find to be not only therapeutic, but very inspiring as well. Transparencies Too can be utilized not only for pleasure, but to keep stress away and/or relieve already existing stress, for meditation, and in my opinion would be quite soothing for working with Special Needs children and Adults too.


I am pleased to have this CD, which is destined to be one of my most cherished CD’s, and I highly recommend it.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Artist: Graham Jackson

Compact Disc, $11.19

77 minutes