The Spiritual Teacher’s Handbook is the book advanced spiritual practitioners didn’t know they needed. One part answer key and one part method book, Dee Apolline takes on an undervalued skill – teaching – and breaks it down into reasonable lessons for the lesson giver.

Apolline combines New Age and magical practices with practical foundations in exoteric teaching. She explores student motivation, recommends exercises to cleanse and strengthen the aura and gives tips on organizing printed information for easy absorption.

This book pairs well with Judy Harrow’s Spiritual Mentoring, one of the only other available books about teaching a spiritual path. While Apolline is far less specific than Harrow, what she teaches complements the work. The guidelines in this book are an excellent tool for a coming generation of spiritual teachers.


~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Dee Apolline
John Hunt Publishing, 2012
pp. 236 $22.95