This is an affordable, small, desk/tabletop variety day-by-day calendar. Each day presents a new piece of information or interesting quotation about numerous aspects of witchcraft. The calendar is a rich, eclectic collection of information.

Some entries are very simple, but not overly so. For example, December 21st is Yule/Winter Solstice (see image) and the information presented is brief, but accurate. Even the simple one presentations can spark the imagination to put more complex concepts together.

I especially like the variety of information presented. Solstices, eclipses, energy, cleansing . .  lots of different ideas. The calendar is clearly aimed at the new witch, one who would enjoy a daily reminder about the many different aspects of witchcraft. It doesn't replace a good introductory books on witchcraft, but makes a lovely accompaniment.

You may find that you won't want to throw the pages out when you have to change days on the calendar. Consider keeping them in a scrapbook...or your book of shadows for future reference. The calendar makes a great gift idea and is recommended for spellcasters with some grounding in the Craft.

The calendar gets high marks for diversity of content, its organization and simplicity.  

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Skye Alexander
Adams Media, 2020