For a thoroughly Pagan diary, look no further than Australian Stacey DeMarco's 2022 Lunar & Seasonal Diary.

This is a gorgeously colored volume with a stiff cover and spiral binding allowing it to lie flat. Designed with Pagans in mind, readers will find plenty of information about lunar phases and ideas for spellwork to perform throughout the year. Note that there is no astrological data -- this diary focuses on the energies found through the wheel of the year and lunar phases.  

Sprinkled throughout are ritual ideas and suggestions for harnessing the specific aspects of the season. For example, making an Ostara Flower Crown to bless one's fecundity (physical or creative). The Diary starts with a lot of reading, making it much more valuable than just as a day planner. I especially like the "Getting Clear About 2022" for setting goals and intentions for the entire year.

There is plenty of information about increasing wealth, improving relationships, boosting vitality, magnifying personal power, and removing obstacles and fears that may be holding you back. Each month has a deity with a specific spell to work with them and throughout each month there are ideas for workings to do on particular days.


Author: Stacey DeMarco
Rockpool Publishing, 2021
pp. 216 $17.99