This book provides a deep dive into the seeker's astrological chart by the use of degree symbology. For each degree a symbol is assigned. Chandra symbols, for example, are images for each degree of the zodiac psychically downloaded by Chandra, a Vedic lunar Goddess to master astrologer John Sandbach. Star sparks are the interpretations given to each Chandra symbol. The bulk of the text is comprised of a guide to the star sparks.

The star spark method seems a bit daunting at first, but the seeker, especially someone who is very adept at astrology can get the hang of it quite easily. Examining my natal chart, for example, the sun is 10 degrees, 55 minutes from Virgo. I would round that up to eleven degrees. The sun spark for Virgo would be 殿 four year old girl dressed as a nurse.・ The basis for this star spark is that I would be a task oriented person. Of course, there is a lot more to this entry, and journalling and contemplating the meanings to each star spark could add more to the chart than what is found on the surface. This technique is done with every degree in one's chart, and by doing so, provides greater insight into one's self.

I wish there was more instruction on how the Chandra symbols and star sparks work, as the astrological charts are very degree oriented and it can be confusing as to how to work these star sparks into a chart. However, as I wrote earlier, it can be figured out with a bit of patience. Further, I'm not enamored with some of the the names given some of the star sparks, most of which seem enigmatic and don't quite jive with the entry. One of the sun spark titles is a slur in regards to the mentally disabled. Otherwise, the book is really good for adding greater detail to one's chart, and is useful as a biblomancy and meditation tool as well.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Ellias Lonsdale
Destiny Books, 2021
p. $24.99, pp. 402