Every once in a while a book comes along that you know is destined to become a classic. Antiscia: Secrets in the Mirror by Elizabeth Hazel is one of those books. You know it'll be occupying your bookshelf, that is, when it's not in your hands being used as a reference.

Antiscia is an old, rather obscure term that goes back to Traditional astrology, and is pronounced an tish a. The author tells you that antiscia illuminate character traits, talents, challenges and  twists of fate hidden in astrological charts. Then she invites you to learn about the ancient origins of these mysterious chart points and a ridiculously easy method for calculating them. A word of caution, that's where easy ends. The good news is, the author doesn't just tantalize you. She walks you through it, explaining every step of the way. If you can think of it, she's covered it.  She pulls out all the stops in analyzing a planet. She strips it bare.

Ms. Hazel is like a strong cup of coffee. She stimulates your system and jolts your brain. You'd best put on your thinking cap and have your wits about you when you start this book. It's a book of revelation......on an astrological level. Get ready to jump down the rabbit hole! Your world may turn upside down.

You may have heard of dialoguing with your planets but not quite like this. The Zodiacal Dominance is fascinating.This is dialoguing with the signs and depending on where they fall on your antiscion ladder, some will speak while others listen; some will command while others obey.  The analysis will definitely help you hone your skills.

The many sample charts show you how the antiscia function in natal charts, progressions, solar returns, horary, electional, mundane and synastry charts. And each one deepens your understanding.

While the book will certainly be used as a reference guide. I suspect you'll feel about it as I did. It's like Christmas morning and this book is a whole new box of toys to play with. Ask Santa to leave one in your stocking.

~ review by Judy Blackstone

Elizabeth Hazel
Kozmic Kitchen Press, 2020
pp, 117, $26,50