Blaze is a prolific author involved in spiritual–karmic–evolutionary astrology. This book focuses on the astrological elephant in the room that nobody talks about: the Earth. It can be plotted in charts like the other planets but the sad fact is – nobody bothers! Blaze writes that “re-establish[ing] a right relationship with our divine Mother the major challenge facing us today.”

This book is a first step toward remediating that absence. Astrologers examine the Sun for personality and vitality, and the Moon for emotion and connection; now it's time to look to Earth for roots and substance. Section I “The Earth's Influence in Astrology” provides insights into the metaphysical and scientific progress that underpin the development of astrology. Interpretive material is presented in Section II “Earth's Influence in Your Horoscope.” The author states that “Earth is the path and allows us expression of ourselves through practical deeds,” the “field and type of service” that the soul needs to accomplish in one's current incarnation. The Earth is exactly opposite the Sun in a birth chart, so if you know your Sun sign, it's easy to figure out your Earth sign. Chapter 6 gives descriptions of all twelve Earth/Sun sign combinations. Chapter 8 provides short descriptions of Earth in each the twelve houses.

Chapter 9 “How to Connect with Mother Earth” gives a range of methods and techniques for connecting with our home planet. The book ends with a chapter on how to shape the future of Earth and yourself through a combination of spiritual practices and practical services for Earth's preservation.

The sentiments about improving our relationship with Mother Earth get no complaints from me! It's high time that astrologers integrate our home planet into natal charts. The descriptions are, however, vague and superficial, rather like popular mainstream Sun sign books. There are no descriptions of how planetary aspects to Earth might manifest. There is no discussion of how seasonal cycles or eclipses (in which the Earth is a crucial participant) might impact interpretations. The author very quickly states that Earth is the ruler of Taurus and Sagittarius. Unilaterally deciding that any “new” planet or asteroid rules a sign misses the whole point of the 2,000-year old planetary dignity system. It's a closed system and willy-nilly additions undermine the authority of the writer. Blaze also writes that in the Sag Sun/Gemini Earth section that “Sagittarius is a mutable water sign.” That's a pretty egregious error – Sag is mutable fire. It's correct in the Gemini Sun/Sag Earth section, though. Clearly an editorial oversight – whoops. There are no sample charts to demonstrate analysis techniques.

Soul-centered-karmic-spiritual-evolutionary astrology methods have something new and potentially valuable to add to the 2,300-year old ongoing conversation (i.e., food fight) within the astrological community. It takes away from this splinter group's veracity and authenticity when its writers casually dismiss ancient/traditional astrology as “fatalistic.” No – it's not. It's precise. Discussions about soul work and karmic purpose are meaningless when they're disconnected from the day-to-day realities of life and survival. Magical thinking doesn't make hardships disappear. Blaze has made the leap to include Earth in birth charts, but I wish this book had more substance and a bit less fluff.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Author: Chrissie Blaze
2018, Dodona Books
180 pgs, $16.95.