This is an unusual take on financial planning relying on astrology to give readers the edge in choosing how to manage money in fluctuating financial markets. The author's clients call on her astrological knowledge to aid them in making investments. Intended for readers with varying levels of astrological knowledge, no doubt the more you already know, the easier you will navigate this book's themes. Probably because there is a wealth of books already written about every other aspect of financial planning, the focus is purely astrological. If you know nothing about financial markets, I would suggest starting with books on the financial basics before moving into how to read the skies and markets based on known astrological transits.

Despite having read a number of astrology books through the years, I have trouble remembering what all the different planets and signs mean. Multiply my difficulty by the number of relevant transits in a decade and it becomes a bit too much for me to follow. I would have to reread sections as the relevant years progress to make good use of the information. In many ways the complexities of financial markets and planetary transits rival each other.

The book begins with a description of the Pluto generations. For example, those with Pluto in Leo, were born from1939-1956 and have distinct financial behaviors from any other generation such as those with Pluto in Scorpio, born from 1983-1993. Each generation will have a different experience of the coming decade. The author is more bearish in outlook, bringing up concerns of global debt that cannot be paid and a likely debt bubble burst. Yet, not all generations will fare poorly.

Skinner is fascinated with how past astrological cycles have impacted all aspects of life and history from politics to plagues, agriculture to cryptocurrency. Her analyses of the stars and events of the past are interesting but one suspects it is easier to make past events conform to the stars than future events. One of Skinner's first predictions for the coming decade is that this December 2019 will see a downturn in the financial markets. I write this about half way through the month and so far this is not the case. Over the next decade various downturns as well as more fortuitous moments are forecast. Time will tell.

Readers should be advised that there is no guarantee of financial success by following the heavens.

Recommended for those who have a strong interest in astrology.

~review by Larissa Carlson Viana
Author: Christeen H. Skinner
Ibis Press
221 pages, $22.95