The author begins by explaining what Channeling is. She states: “Channeling is a way of using intuition to discern communications from the universe of spirits, which is called the Nexus. This universe is usually invisible and inaudible to those who live in the physical universe. Humans and other physical creatures inhabit both the Nexus and the physical universe. Our focus and attention however, are primarily centered in the physical universe, and effort has to be made to focus our attention on perceptions coming from the Nexus.” She also goes on to say: “As spiritual and physical beings, we have access to both the Nexus and the physical universe. Because of this inseparable connection, learning to channel, scry, or do magick is only a matter of understanding how we perceive the relationship between the physical universe and the Nexus, and applying that understanding to our purposes.” Tyson provides methods and techniques that anyone can use to help the reader make contact and open communication. The various methods are structured well and provide a safe and effective way to begin channeling.

The book is broken up into sixteen chapters that include: Channeling Overview, Spirit Selection, Formatting Questions, The contact Ritual, Channeled Perceptions, Techniques for Spirit Communication, Dowsing and the Spirit Board, Trance Channeling Basics and Method, a few Case Studies of Edward Kelley, Edgar Cayce, and Raven Spirit, Spontaneous Channeling, Frontloading, Group Practice and Use of Settings.

Each chapter has a ton of information that should be read thoroughly before attempting the channeling. Personally I would suggest to the reader to read the entire book front to back before attempting any of the methods and techniques so there is a full understanding of what the reader is attempting to do and what they are undertaking. This book should not be taken as something fun to do as a party trick, but rather taken seriously and done with the utmost respect for whom the reader is attempting to contact. Once the reader has completed reading the book in its entirety, then I would suggest they can begin to try the channeling techniques within the book.

One of the sections I found most interesting was the case studies from the author. It was great to read an example of what a channeling session might look like for the reader. I recommend the Raven case study as my favorite.

Overall this was an interesting book. I found that it does feel like it stops abruptly after the chapter on Use of Settings. There is not a conclusion or wrap up chapter which I tend to find in most similar books as a last words of encouragement. However there is a lot of great information for those interested in channeling and communicating with the invisible world. If this is something that has been of interest to you, I recommend this book to start on your journey.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Jenny Tyson
Llewellyn Publications, 2022
pp. 240, $18.99