In the book Deva, the author explains that deva is the kingdom of substance and form and that they infuse all things with intelligence. The Deva activate nature. The Deva kingdom includes faeries, nature spirits, elves and all matter surrounding our planet. This book provides a better understanding to of creation and our part in the world.

The reader dives into how we work with Deva in everyday world, the hierarchy, communication techniques and how to “hear the song”. In part one Author Jacquelyn Lane covers Elemental Tunes. These include Density, Earth Element, Sound, Air, Fire, Multi-level singing Universe, and water. She also offers glimpses of her personal encounters in each chapter. In part two, the book covers ‘Who’s Singing Your Song?’ It covers emotion, thought, the Deva we create. In the last part three, she dives into Symphonies. The reader will learn more about the love of trees, tree harmonies, working with nature, the angelic kingdom, meeting the Deva, and consciousness.

This book is not a light read, but for those who wish to go deeper down the rabbit hole, the information is plentiful and provides opportunity for deeper thinking about humanity and all aspects of creation itself.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Jacquelyn E. Lane
Findhorn Press, June 16, 2020
pp. 320, $18.99