The Book of Mermaid Magic is not a collection of stories or myths. The book is actually set up to be a devotional workbook working with eight archetypes of water deities. The author uses personal experiences to create the Mermaid Pantheon with the following hierarchy: The Water Goddess, The Ocean Priestess, The Sea Witch, The Siren, The Common Mermaid, The Shapeshifter, The Nymph, and The Sprite. Each archetype has its own chapter in the book for the reader to learn about working with each type of merfolk.

The chapter include four exercises for the reader to use for each type of deity. The exercises include Devotion, Ritual, Healing, and Spellwork. The author has set the book up where the reader can go cover to cover or use as a daily devotional and randomly open to a specific page. Her writing style is suited for either a beginner or established practioner.

Chances are if you are reading this, you are drawn to the element of water and/or interested in the merfolk. I have always held a fascination with mermaids since I was a young girl and still holds true today. There is nothing more magical or healing than the ocean for me and that is hard when you live in a place where you are landlocked. However for those readers who are not near an ocean, the author presents various ways to still connect with the water element and the spirit of merfolk no matter where you reside.
Diving into each chapter, there is great background information about each archetype, the various names and deities that can be connected with as well as the step by step exercises provided. The chapters even cover the best time to utilize the various archetypes such as lunar phases etc. The author walks the reader thru what items are needed, how to do the ritual and all other needed information associated with the chapter. I enjoyed the book immensely and can easily see this as a reference and devotional book that can be used time and time again. I recommend for anyone wanting to work on a spiritual level with the merfolk and tune in to the element of water for their magical journey.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Leeza Robertson
Llewellyn Publications, 2022
pp. 224, $17.99