So many times a Western Buddhist author gets the whole concept of obstacles on the path to enlightenment wrong. Difficulties are not obstacles to the Path to Enlightenment…they are the path to enlightenment Kornfield is one of those rare and wonderful teachers who gets it right, and through his latest book, he teaches the reader how to use life’s difficulties in a way that illuminates the Path.

One of the things I love about this book is how Kornfield acknowledges that we need to love and forgive ourselves as much as we need to love others, which is something we often neglect in our daily lives. In this book and on the meditation CD there are instructions, as well as guided meditations to help put an end to our dissatisfaction with ourselves. We also learn how to love and let go of the sufferings that others have caused us as well the self afflicted sufferings of over criticism, perfectionism and pride.

The book comes with a six track CD of guided meditation practices. There is no music, only Mr. Kornfield’s gentle and compassionate voice guiding his listeners into various meditation practices.The book is easy to read, the instructions are written clearly in everyday language. There are instructions on when to use the CD. Everything is here for the reader to use. All he or she need do is open the book and follow the teachings.

I love this book and find it a valuable tool in my daily practice. I find that reading two pages a day and practicing the instructions found in the book are effective in assisting the practitioner in navigating through the turbulent areas of his or her life.

Highly Recommended

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Jack Kornfield
Sounds True, Inc, 2011