The quest for the Holy Grail, the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper and which caught his blood at his crucifixiation, is a legend with roots far older than Christ; a myth that will not go away. In Grail Alchemy, Ms. Freeman weaves together stories, legends, lore and mythology into a profoundly moving journey through the landscape of the Grail. In doing so, she gives the modern reader a path of initiation into higher realms of consciousness.

Each chapter focuses on a different symbol associated with Grail legends, for example: Cauldrons, Cup & Branch, Swords, Women, Trials, Glastonbury, Alchemy, and several chapters would more accurately be subchapters of the one on Glastonbury, making it a section of its own (Dion Fortune, the Blue Bowl). The books ends with a chapter of deeper work, which if undertaken would enable to reader to attain a higher consciousness and become a Grail Bearer in the modern world.

This is not an easy book, nor is it lightly read. The VisionJourneys (guided meditations) that conclude each chapter are profoundly beautiful, and powerful. The sources are impeccable and well-researched, and I would recommend the book because of its lore alone, especially for any person interested in the Grail legends. Moreover, If the information provided in Grail Alchemy is taken seriously, I have no doubt it will indeed produce altered states of consciousness and a person suited to become a Grail Bearer.

Highly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

You can read an excerpt HERE.

Author: Mara Freeman
Destiny Books, 2014
pp. 288, $19.95