Many today are drawn towards Celtic cultures and practices. In Magic of the Celtic Otherworld, a re-release of the author’s previous work Glamoury, readers will find a highly informative and well put together guide to the world of Celtic magic from a true Celtic scholar.


This is not only about Celtic magic. The author includes a well-constructed overview of the origin of the Celts as well as a great deal of information concerning the Celtic view of the world. Throughout the book, names and other Gaelic works have a brief pronunciation given. Concise descriptions of a good number of important figures, not just deities, fill two chapters. After reading his descriptions, you will be inspired to seek out full-length myths and legends. Each of the four major festivals has a chapter devoted solely to that festival. It includes background information on that particular festival and a ritual that can be easily adapted to the readers’ needs. The book concludes with a section on magical tools.


This is not a fluffy guide to Celtic magic, but a meaty guidebook for the true seeker. You will not work through this in a weekend, but instead, it will build the framework for years of future work.  This book is best suited for those who are serious about their studies.


~review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Steve Blamires
Llewellyn Publications, 2005
pp. 329, $16.95