When it comes to pagan children books, the selections are limited. However that’s where author Debi Gregory comes in! This adorable early reader book is perfect for young kids to be introduced to the pagan world and elements. The book encourages children to embrace and open their hearts to the world of nature. The story introduces wash of the Elemenpals (Menme the spirit imp, Tanwen, the fire sprite, Gwynt the air imp, Dylan the water sprite and the earth sprite Celyn). Thhe book also encounters other Nature entities such as Mother Earth, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Oak and Sister River. Each of them are depicted as a relatable being for the young child can understand. The Elemenpals have unique personalities and qualities that correspond to the elements they will later grow to be.

The main theme of the book is to observe the beauty of nature around you and that you are part of it. It encourages children to help take care of the earth in a simple yet relatable way. The characters are adorable and the drawings are aesthetically pleasing and presented in a way that children (or adults) can color them in. Reading with children is a wonderful pastime and helps them develop a love for reading for the future.

I highly recommend this sweet introduction to paganism for any parents with young readers.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Debi Gregory
Illustrations by: Adam Greenwood
Moon Books, 2021
pp. 23, $9.95