Parent's beware. Evslin has created a children’s book geared towards six to ten year olds with beautiful pictures however the story line portrays the Greek Gods and Goddesses very negatively. Each thing they do is spiteful, vengeful and evil. Man often bests them though humanity ends up paying the price for besting the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Humanity is portrayed as being just and saintly while the Gods and Goddesses are vindictive, self-indulgent, and cruel. 


While the book is entitled Hecate, there is very little about her in the book other than being Hades henchman. Hecate is a minor character in the entire book.  She is more of a footnote than the main character as the name of the book implies. On the other hand Hades is a main character but is pictured and portrayed as evil, tyrannical with the images very much like Satan rather than God of the Underworld.  Hade's only goal according to Evslin is to increase the number of people in the Underworld for use in his own evil pleasures. Hecate is described as cruel and ugly, doing Hades bidding to torment humanity. 


The book has a very Christian overtone implying multiple Gods and Goddesses are evil and that humanity is better then they are. Since this book is geared towards children, it is disturbing the old myths and legends are distorted. The representation of the Greek Gods and Goddesses are more than annoying and teeters on offensive.


Sadly this book isn't about Hecate but seems to follow a different agenda which seems to imply that the old myths are filled with evil doers. Don't be sucked in by the beautiful cover and pictures in the book. It is not Pagan friendly in anyway, going so far as to portray the ancient myths negatively.


~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Bernard Evslin 

Chelsea House Publishers, 1991