From a young age my daughters have always had a deep respect for our planet and helping the environment. Even years later when we visit a beach, my oldest will bring a bag and collect as much plastic from the area on the ground as possible. The magickal thing that happens is others take notice and we see them join in cleaning up the beach too.

In The Hidden Worlds by Sandra Ingerman & Katherine Wood, we join in the journey of four kids who share common dreams passed along from their spirit animals. They are asking for help when a toxic waste plant is literally poisoning the land and all the life that depends on the nearby pond. The four are drawn together to help stop the illegal dumping and share a bond unlike any other.
One genre we seem to be in short supply of is, fiction for pagan children. Sure, there are plenty of fantasy and fiction books, but not many that have some of the underlying beliefs of pagan kids today. This is one of the many reasons I liked The Hidden Worlds. Not only is the book able to be enjoyed by children who follow a pagan or Earth Friendly path, but also kids who enjoy a great adventure with a wonderful moral as well. With roots in a shamanic journey, this enchanting tale is a great read for pagan children. Even as an adult, I enjoyed reading this book. I grew up with my spirit guides and found the book as something I would have highly related to as a child following the nature path. I'd recommend this book for kids in upper elementary to middle school.

~review by Amber Barnes
Author: Sandra Ingerman & Katherine Wood
Moon Books, 2018
pp. 128, $9.95