Once Around the Sun is a terrific collection of stories, activities and ways to celebrate the changing seasons for those with children. The book is geared towards the elementary students age and is a great tool for the pagan family.

The book covers information on each festival such as Samhain, Yule, Imbolc and more but also includes the solstices, and the equinoxes. These entries are perfect to be read aloud like they were in older times. They provide information, stories, activities and more on how to celebrate each one. The book is well written and easy to follow whether the reader is an adult teacher or a young student. The book is vibrant and illustrated with eye catching images that enraptures the magick of the various holidays.

I recommend the Make Your Own Magic Wand activity for the littles! It is super fun and allows them to have fun with nature and creativity. There are several recipes as well that would be perfect to make as a family. Not only do the recipes sound deliciously divine, they are easy to follow and would be great to make for families.

One of the things that I loved about this book is it contains everything all in one to help celebrate and teach about the changing seasons. This is the type of book that you pull off the shelf for every celebration to read the stories and begin the traditions and crafts within. It is so much fun and truly helps get even the smallest members of the family involved.

I recommend for anyone looking for a good resource book for children to celebrate and understand the wheel of the year and the seasons.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Ellen Evert Hopman
Destiny Books, 2022
pp. 160, $16.99