My Angel ABCs is a delightfully captivating book. In my opinion, this precious book is destined to be widely acclaimed and owned by many.


Inspiration abounds from the moment you open the book and read the preface and continues throughout the entire book. Beginning with the letter A, the Angel of Art, who inspires creativity, teaching us to celebrate this gift from above, all the way to Z, the Angel of Zzzzzz’s, the angel who watches over us as we sleep, Zsuzsana’s book uniquely teaches morals and values. All the while putting forth the belief that each moment of one’s life is precious, to believe in one’s dreams and that no one is ever alone.


Each letter of the alphabet has its own special Angel attributed to it and has a charming poem all its own, and is accompanied with beautiful illustrations drawn by Lauren Dingus, which truly do justice to and further enhance each angelic page. The delightful poems and illustrations with each letter of the alphabet complement each other quite well.


This book is purported to be for children four to eight years of age, but I believe that adults will enjoy and find inspiration plus motivation in this book as well.  


My heart and soul were touched, as well as further enlightened by having read My Angel ABCs and I believe that anyone who reads this book will truly be blessed by having done so.


This is a wonderful book for one’s library, most especially for those with children and/or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc, one that will be read repeatedly, and passed on through the generations. My Angel ABCs is also a beneficial and useful tool for adults when discussing angels and/or morals with children.


I cannot recommend this heavenly book enough.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Zsuzsana Summer

Heliographica Spirit, 2004

pp 28, $17.95

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