All parents must navigate the road of transmitting our religious and spiritual beliefs to their children. When participating in a "marginal" spirituality, such as Paganism, this road is often strewn with boulders and thorns. Pagans usually lack any kind of scripture, or set body of lore to point to and say, "this is how we define ourselves, this is how we worship." Moreso, we often feel that we had to come to our practice through a personal journey, one that cannot be duplicated by our children.

Stories for the Songs of the Year offers stories parents can use to help their children understand some basic ideas we have as Pagans. Based on three concepts -- part of nature, not separate from it; knowing right from wrong; and connected to Deity -- Stories follows the wheel of the year. Two stories accompany each festival and a short factual essay discusses some ideas about the four major sabbats in a child-friendly way.

The focus is on Celtic deities, which some readers may find limiting. There is a good Resource section.

Recommended for parents.

~review by Lisa McSherry

Author: Fiona Tinker
Moon Books, 2020
pp. 98, $10.95