Subtitled: An Updated Approach for Working with the Triple Goddess in Modern Times, The Triple Goddess comes right out of the gate with modern notions for approaching this version of deity -- as sisters, as all three being maidens, or mothers, or crones rather than generational. She also proposes thinking of her as one being containing all three phases. All of that on the first page. On page two Patterson encourage the reader to discard the idea that goddess is feminine. Very modern.

This, however, is a fairly slim volume and typical of the Pagan Portals line of books. There is good information here, but if you are looking for truly fresh thinking, perhaps uncoupling the Triple Goddess from the menstrual cycle, it is not found here. In fact, the author finds themself adding a fourth face to address the needs of those of us who were never mothers (the Matriarch).

Beginners will find this a useful update to the well-worn and rehashed information from early pagan writers, and I recommend it for them.

~review by Lisa McSherry

Author: Rachel Patterson
Moon Books, 2021
pp. 128, $12.95