365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day  by Sasha Graham is a book, quite literally, with 365 tarot spreads in it. Graham organized the book by months, with a unique tarot spread for each day.  Each page is dedicated to one tarot spread.  The inspirations for the spreads are varied, which lends a lot of individuality and uniqueness to them.  Anyone who enjoys to divine using tarot cards can find a spread for any situation in this book.  Graham also includes an index in the back of the book which orders the spreads into categories such as health and well-being, general advice, holidays and nature.  I enjoy being able to search for a spread both by date or by the type of spread. 

Graham has an interesting layout for each page.  She starts with the date at the top of the page, and then separates the page into two sides.  On the outside of each page she has a fact, which relates in some way to the spread and then below that she has a tarot card with information about it, again which relates to the spread.  On the inside of the page she has the name of the spread, and then historical information pertaining to that date which then ties into the spread itself which is then described.  Below that Graham has each of the card placements and then below that a diagram of how the cards are supposed to be laid out.

For example, on July 15th Graham has the "Wisdom of Thoth" spread.  In her "on this day" section she talks about the discovery of the Rosetta Stone and ties that into the Egyptian god Thoth, who is known for wisdom and magic.  In her fact section on the outside of the page she talks about the deity Thoth and below that the Magician tarot card.  The tarot spread itself is a 9-card spread, with a note to cast the cards as you would cast a spell to discover the truth of a situation.  For another example on November 6th Graham has the "Hanged Man Spread."  She discusses Confucius' birthday in which she discusses the philosopher himself and some theories surrounding him.  Graham then ties this into the Hanged Man tarot card and designed the spread using imagery from the card.

This book is a treasure trove of tarot spreads.  Anyone who does cartomancy regularly can find much inspiration from the spreads in this book, as well as the background information that went into the completion of the book and creation of the spreads.  The spreads vary in size from under 5 cards to over 10 and the designs go from very simple side-by-side layouts to complicated layouts which are actually shapes.  This really lends the tarot reader to be able to pick and choose a spread for each unique situation and querent they may come into contact with. 

I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who is a serious tarot reader. 

~Reviewer: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Sasha Graham
399ppg; $22.99
2014; Llewellyn Worldwide