This is simply a delightful little book. The author has filled it with his own humorous experiences in using everyday ordinary objects as oracles. He intended this book to not only be useful, but fun to read and use and he accomplished his goal admirably.


Not only does Mr. DuQuette teach how to use many things around us as oracles, but this book itself it an oracle. Printed on the edge of each page, are mini oracles and he explains how to use them. It was great fun asking questions and sometimes getting advice, other times a direct answer and even told to ask the question again.  Some answers were humorous and some of them even proved to come true!


I’m one that usually takes divination pretty seriously and the author truly does as well, but he allows for the humor of the Goddess Fortuna and uses that humor to teach.


I do think that anyone reading and learning from this book will increase their divination abilities and have fun learning as well.


~review by Jae

Author: Lon Milo DuQuette

Red Wheel/Weiser LLC, 2005

pp: 202, $16.95