An installment of Red Wheel Weiser's Plain & Simple series, Numerology by Anne Christie includes 13 chapters that detail several ways which the reader can use numerology and numbers in their daily life.  Each of these chapters includes a simple way to find the number, such as your name number, heart number or personality number and then the corresponding information for each number.  Furthermore the chapters are quite short, so the reader can get straight to the point and learn the simple techniques included, without excess information.

Other chapters included are numerology and relationships, predictive numerology as well as the number grid.  One of my favorite things about Numerology is that Christie ensures to get straight to the point.  There is no unnecessary fluff, nor are there stories in place of information.  Something I would have loved however, would have been a list of references for historical information. 

One of my favorite parts of Numerology is the last chapter, which includes different and unique ways the reader can use numerology, such as with addresses and vehicles.  This is a lovely way one can introduce working with numbers into their day to day life. 

Definitely a book I am glad I now have in my collection, Numerology by Anne Christie is a book I recommend to anyone with an interest in numerology or who would like to work with numbers in general. 

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Anne Christie
149ppg; $14.95
2005, 2016; Red Wheel Weiser