This popular book has been reprinted after ten years and remains beautifully illustrated with the cards from the Robin Wood Tarot deck. Tarot Spells presents a host of practical spells (71 to be exact) ranging from overcoming an addiction to general business success. Each spell uses Tarot cards as the focus for the ritual and as a basis for the visualization and meditation processes, although there are other supporting elements involved in the overall process. These spells comprise the majority of this book, but Renee also includes general notes about the Tarot, magic and spell casting (and the ethics thereof), rites, and rituals. Those of us who have been doing magick and working with that Tarot for decades know that the Tarot cards have incredible possibilities as magical tools. Using the archetypal symbology of the cards, we can access the unconscious in a wide variety of ways to create just the spell you need. The spells are simple enough for a beginner to use right away, but are powerful in effect. They involve visualization, meditation and simple actions and Renee invites the reader to improvise improve on her designs. I was pleased to see how open-ended this magical system can be. The table of contents is six pages long as the spells are categorized and then listed so that you can find exactly what you need easily. The entire first section is devoted to a well-done introduction of the Tarot: different decks, books, applications, and so on. Most of the spells listed are for positive change in one's life. Such as: conquering addiction, artistic and creative concerns, business, courage, dreams, health and healing, knowledge, motivation, protection, psychic development, or stress relief. There are several spells designed to help with specific circumstances, such as legal aid, job hunting, or finding a new home, and many things deal directly with physical matters such as farm and garden, beauty, health and fitness, and families, children, or divorce. Each specific spell is presented wonderfully. First there is a pictorial presentation of the cards used for the spell, shown in the exact layout used for the spread, with an explanation of what the spread is supposed to accomplish. Then a page is dedicated to explaining the work to be done, and lists things like accessories, timing, etc. A meditation and visualization is described, and then an affirmation is given. I found Tarot Spells to be a unique perspective on using the Tarot. I’m not much of a spell caster and I wasn’t sure how relevant I would find the information, and I’m pleased to say that it is a clear, logical approach to using the Tarot to aid one in visualization for reaching your goals, in both personal and spiritual ways. ~review by Lisa Mc Sherryby Janina ReneeLlewellyn Publications, 2002pp. 292, $12.95