I’m of two minds in my response to this booklet.

On one hand, it’s true that people are so strapped for time these days that a five-minute spiritual practice makes sense. Author Sarah-Beth Watkins suggests things like going outside and orienting oneself to the cardinal directions, to the seasons, to the phases of the Moon, and so on. There’s a good bibliography of books and other resources about Druidry.

On the other hand, I’m skeptical about the idea that this is a book about Druidry. It seems to be more about how to squeeze some nature-based spirituality into a fast-paced life that is otherwise full of distractions.  I’m skeptical about the idea of “struggling” (the author’s word) to find time for spiritual practices because-- at least in my experience and observations-- the draw of the mystical paths is so irresistible that many conventional distractions seem to just fall by the wayside. I’m skeptical about the idea of fitting “Druidry” into daily life as it implies that Nature is something “out there” to visit or partake in, and then go back to something else. 

And yet, I want to take this booklet at face value because it’s got a lot of good information that can point people in good directions.  One can read it in less than an hour. 

This booklet names lots of deities, gives a sentence or two about them, and introduces the idea of starting the day with a devotional practice. It outlines the Wheel of the Year, the four elements, the idea of greeting the Sun, and the Moon in its changing phases, each day. It points to Druidry’s reverence for trees, lists several ecological reforestation projects, and gives some of the lore associated with different tree species. It explains what divination is and how to get started with tarot, oracle decks, runes or dream journals. There are lots of lists and links. 

My hesitation here is that brevity may imply lack of depth, when truly a spiritual practice is a life’s work. Having already made my point about that, though, I do think The Five-Minute Druid is a worthy  resource for getting started.

~review by: Sara R. Diamond

Author: Sarah-Beth Watkins
Moon Books, 2024
79 pp., $10.95