Today I'm reviewing Brendan Howlin's new book about following the Druid path in a modern urban setting. The official publication date is March 2014 but you can pre-order it now from and as well as all the other Amazon platforms.

The term ‘Druid’ brings to mind groups of people in long white robes chanting in circles in the middle of the forest. How on earth is it possible to be a Druid in the middle of a concrete-and-steel city? Mr. Howlin explains exactly how it is not only possible, but valuable and even pleasurable. There is life everywhere, even in the most built-up of manmade places, and learning to truly see that life and connect with it is the start of a special kind of spirituality.

Rather than outlining the tenets and practices of Druidry in encyclopedic form, Mr. Howlin takes the reader through a series of exercises which bring recognition of the living world and connection with it as well as the ability to relax and focus on life as it happens in each moment. He also stresses personal responsibility throughout the book, a focus that I find both refreshing and helpful. Overall, the book is a practical introduction to the path of Druidry that requires no specialist paraphernalia, just your own eyes, ears, hands and heart. Definitely worth a read.

~review by Laura Perry

Moon Books, 2014
$11.95 pb, $6.15 ebook

Note: Originally published at Laura Perry's blog, Notes from a Gentle Heart