Sasha Fenton is an accomplished author of over 127 books, and has contributed many articles to journals and magazines over the years. Her subject focus is, primarily, the mind, body and spirit. She has professional experience in many divination techniques over more than 30 years. Fenton’s latest book, Chakras Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need, is written as an introductory guide into the seven major Chakras, with information on each one of these energy points, and how they affect our lives.

Fenton starts the book out with an introduction to each of the 7 major Chakras. She also introduces the reader to the basic vocabulary that a beginning student would need to know to understand the language used in learning about these energy points. In the introduction, the reader will also become familiar with some basic history and relationships that different religions have with the chakra system. Readers are introduced to concepts, such as associations the Chakras have to many other things in our physical and spiritual lives. The introduction is then concluded by explaining to the reader how to effectively open and close their own chakras.

In the next few chapters of the book, the reader will begin to look at the specific energy points. Each chakra receives its own chapter where Fenton describes a thorough association list for each one including: it’s Vedic name, number, planet, color, zodiac, health connection, sense, mantra, music, and more…. In addition, the author educates the reader on what that chakras central purpose is, its location, and then takes the reader on a journey into what a healthy chakra would look like compared to an unhealthy one. Each of the chakra chapters are concluded with step by step exercises to help us work with that specific energy point.

As Fenton begins to wrap up this book, she touches on some key points for studiers of the chakra by showing them how to identify their own energy points and briefly explaining the thousands of other chakras located within our bodies. In addition, the author introduces ways that one can heal and balance the chakras by use of colors, minerals, stones, foods, essential oils, etc. The book is then brought to an end by explanation of the relationship of the chakra and the kundalini.

By her brief, easy to understand introduction she allows the novice learner to become familiar with the system, its history, and addresses the misunderstandings and different viewpoints people have on the chakras by acknowledging them, and where they came from. In this case, most are just different interpretations based on time in history, religion or geographical location.

Fenton’s writing style is written so that anyone can easily learn and understand what she teaching. In addition, I like that the reader isn’t left with a feeling of the book being primarily focused toward people of a certain religion or belief system. Fenton’s teachings in this book acknowledge and give credit to how different spiritual practices may effectively use the chakra to benefit themselves and the ones they care about. I would recommend this book for anyone who is new to chakras, interested in learning alternative medicine techniques, or those who just want a different approach to being happy and healthy.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Sasha Fenton
Hampton Roads Publishing, 2017
p. 129, $$14.95