I found this book to be an interesting read. Occasionally I had to reach for the salt lick and raise a skeptical eyebrow with some of the material, but overall this proved to be a very intriguing book about Reiki and possible applications of it. This book provides a refreshing perspective on Reiki and experimentation being done with it. Given that the majority of work that is available on Reiki tends to stick with the tried and true, this book is much needed.

I found the concept of self-attunement particularly interesting because it opens up an area of Reiki that has been guarded carefully in terms of the money people can make attuning people. By offering people a way to attune themselves, the author genuinely gives people a chance to experience Reiki without the usual payments that go along with it.

The exercises that are also provided are useful for getting a handle on how to use Reiki for healing, but also for other purposes, such as attuning tools, or even doing some space/time magic. The author also shows readers alternative Reiki symbols that he has developed. However, one thing I would like to have seen, was an explanation of how readers could develop their own Reiki symbols.

Overall this is a good book, which offers readers an intriguing new perspective on Reiki. If you’re a Reiki practitioner or just curious about Reiki, pick this book up, as you’re sure to get some insights that can be useful to your spiritual path.

4 pentacles out of 5 pentacles.

~review by Taylor Ellwood

Author: Brett Bevell

Crossing Press, 2007

pp. 150, $14.95