Ancient Fayerie is a short book by Melanie Godfrey, a Healing Trust UK spiritual healer and a student of Druidry in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. Godfrey’s perspectives and observations are enchanting and lyrical. She begins her book by explaining that the realm of the fey is the “place in our mind between wonder and wander…a place where our imagination perceives the Otherworld, and where we can build dreams out of stardust for just a moment.” (pg 1-2) This world is linked to animism, the belief that life energy pulses through everything on Earth. A person can connect to this realm by cultivating a deep relationship with the land. 

The book is divided into two sections. Section One is about making personal connections to this enchanted realm, and Section Two shares tales from Godfrey’s pilgrimages to sacred sites around Britain. Woven through her narratives are constant reminders to have respect of the land and the magical beings one may encounter. 

Godfrey begins by outlining the various types of extra-senses a person needs to discover these magical beings when exploring the landscape. Discovering the genius loci (custodial place spirits) is a key factor in this journey. This is assisted by moving into an altered state of consciousness through meditation or visualization. The four elements and the creatures and beings linked to each element are explained. The possible origins of the Tuatha de Danaan are considered as well as the reasons for their disappearance. The author gives recommendations for interacting with these beings. A guided meditation is offered on pgs 30-32. The chapters on The Stone Beings and The Tree Beings outline methods for connecting with the spirits inside of stones and trees. Having an open mind and heart are required, and there’s an exercise to “connect to your heart’s essence” on pgs 46-47. 

The chapter about the Fayerie Code of Ethics promotes a harmonious existence with the land as well as giving back to earth features like trees and stone. Sacred Ceremony for the Ancient Fayerie presents a range of ceremonial actions with a particular focus on each element. 

Godfrey shares her experiences at sacred sites and connecting with telluric energy, the energy that makes certain locations very special. She makes a valid point by saying that modern technologies dull the senses needed to connect with Earth spirits. She writes about several magical sites in Cornwall and the small islands off the coast of Britain, Cornwall and Scotland, plus well-known sacred sites like Glastonbury Tor. Photographs of sacred sites appear from pages 68 to 76. 

Section Two includes ten personal encounters from Godfrey’s visits to sites around England, Scotland, and Ireland. These are charming and poetic, amusing and awe-inspiring. The book ends with a bibliography, acknowledgements, and information about the author. This is a lovely inspirational book to read as Godfrey draws the reader into her fey-filled world in a magical way. After reading this book, I was inspired to use The Faerie Oracle deck by Brian Froud to connect with faery beings at the sabbat! Fair enough to say I could hear them giggling in the drawer, and after reading this book, I approached the inhabitants of the deck with a heart that was much more open to the experience. 

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Author: Melanie Godfrey 
Moon Books/John Hunt Publishing, 2022 
122 pg. $10.95 pb, $6.49 Kindle.