So often with books like this we see authors who allow themselves to fall into the pit of "this is the only right way" and this one is amazing in the way Storm Faerywolf did not. Betwixt and Between is an incredibly open-minded tome with each chapter building upon each other; this is one that you really should read cover to cover before jumping around. 

Faerywolf begins his book with an introductory section including a history of the Faery tradition and then continues on to the basics such as chapter 2 where Faery altars are discussed.  The chapters beyond really get into the meat of the Faery tradition, such as working with the elements and Deity as well as ritual and spellwork.  Something that really caught my attention in Betwixt and Between is that Faerywolf included not only incense and ritual examples but also journaling exercises.  I really like when authors include things like that; I find it really helps the reader better understand the material and possibly get some personal inner work done as well.

One of my favorite things included in this book is the poetry.  Each chapter contains several short poems, often as invocations, I found this really adds a level of beauty and depth to the information.  For me it helped to slow down my reading which aided me with information retention.  Furthermore Faerywolf included a lot of references, sources as well as additional background details in the footer.  I love supplementary information as not only does it add to validity but it can help the reader seek other sources and really add to their personal practice. 

Betwixt and Between  is very well written, so that anyone with any kind of spiritual or educational background can read and understand it.  Faerywolf also ensures to allow for the reader to personalize how they interpret the information as well as include their own personal spirituality within the Faery tradition.  This was a very fun book to read and I encourage everyone to read it. 

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Storm Faerywolf
319ppg; $21.99
2017; Llewellyn