Internationally known author, folklorist and historian, Ceri Norman, brings us Faerie Stones, her new book detailing the use of stones in connection with Faerie folklore and magic. Readers are introduced to the earth spirit magic of the Faerie world and are shown how stones are intimately connected to these spirits.

Readers can expect to be educated in the techniques used to find and care for stones. More than just finding a stone to work with, the reader will understand the importance of cleaning and charging stones, clusters and geodes so they do not harm the piece. Readers will learn multiple ways of cleaning using different elements and different moon/ sun cycles. They will also learn how to charge the stones appropriate to their intended uses. 

Comprehensive guides to stones that are specifically relevant and correspond to the Faery are gifted to the reader in this book. Alternative names for each stone, the stones element, season, chakra, faery specific deity and use within earth faery magic are all explained. When finished with this section of the book the reader will have a thorough idea of what stones are chosen to work with in conjunction with the Fae and how they should be used in reference to the desired outcome.

Through the exploration of each stone, the reader can expect to learn common faery folklore and metaphysical properties of each of the stones. Norman discusses the stones healing and magical properties, as well as their traditional uses.

Norman helps the reader connect through meditation in the spiritual realm in addition to the physical. Using the stones she suggests, she guides the reader on ways to use these in connection with specific meditations to achieve the desired results of the reader. In addition, the reader will get a brief introduction to the human energy system through which this works.

The reader will learn about the importance and connection between the Auric Field and the Faerie world. They will begin to understand how they may be able to recognize and seek Faerie presence through the different levels of the auric field.

For all those interested in Faerie and/ or stones, this book is for you. You will gain a wealth of knowledge in how to use stones to your advantage in connecting and working with the Fae. For those interested in crystals and stones, you get to see these beautiful pieces of nature from another perspective and see how they can be used to in working with nature spirits, chakras and healing of yourself. And for those readers who are seeking new and exciting ways to enhance and further their knowledge in chakra work, this book could be just what you are looking for to bring something different and exciting to your current practices.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Ceri Norman
Moon Books, 2018
p. 232, $19.95