Silver RavenWolf is a storyteller who weaves her story line among several characters in a way that keeps the reader turning the page to see what happens next. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, there’s another twist.


This story involves mystery, murder, love and witchcraft. The tale centers around Elizabeyta Belladonna, a young woman who by circumstance has become the matriarch of her Covenstead, which she must protect from those who would destroy it. To do this, she must solve the murder and discover what happened in generations past to cause her family to disappear from Pennsylvania without a trace.


Elizabeyta is a Witch with a Scotch-Irish magickal heritage who uses her craft in the solving of the mystery. But Elizabeyta’s is not the only magick being used in this story. The tale weaves in and out among characters that include a handsome minister, a blue ghost, the dearly departed, the town gossip and an old country healer. And do not forget the Dark Men, who have old grievances to settle. Silver RavenWolf’s characters use spells that are based in witchcraft and can readily be related to by both those who practice and those who just enjoy reading magickal stories.


I definitely enjoyed this book and gave up some sleep to find out the ending faster.


~ review by Jae

Author: Silver RavenWolf

Llewellyn Publications, 1995

343 pp., $15.95