For the most part, this book is about the author’s own brand of spirituality. One must understand the premises of this spirituality in order to understand how he believes it should be used in integrating it into all aspects of life. He calls it Soulcraft.  The basis of Soulcraft is from channeling done by William Dudley Pelley between the early 1920s and late 1950s. Soulcraft advocates believe that all the turning points in our history happened because “Celestial Spirits” sent messages to steer things in the right direction. They also believe those spirits are continuing to send messages.

Mr. Kenadjian first heard about Soulcraft at a meeting he went to, run by Benn Lewis, in the 1960s. Benn Lewis said he channeled messages from “Christ”, whom he called “his Elder Brother”. Mr. Lewis apparently believed that he was the reincarnation of the Biblical John. He convinced Mr. Kenadjian that he was the reincarnation of Mathew.


At various times, it appears that our author has been a bitter, disappointed and depressed man because not only will other people not believe what he terms his “heavenly wisdom”, not even his own family would believe it. Benn Lewis gave him hope and direction. Mr. Kenadjian became quite dependent upon Mr. Lewis and accepted almost anything Benn told him. One of the things Benn told him early on was that it was Mr. Kenadjian’s mission to “integrate politics with economics with a spiritual direction and higher purpose.” He accepted that and also that a part of his mission is to create “a new social order based on new revelations from God.” He’s spent many years of his life attempting to accomplish these missions and details it in this book.


This book is the author’s second on this topic and contains many referrals to and quotes from his earlier book. It also contains many quotes from other authors. I did not count the number of footnotes in the book. Suffice it to say that they are legion.

In many instances, the only proof Mr. Kenadjian has to offer for his statements and beliefs is that Benn Lewis told him so.  He accepts and presents, as fact, information that is contrary to historical fact because Benn Lewis told him that his spirit mentors provided the information. He refers to our U.S. Constitution as, “God Given”. Some historical incidents that he uses require a stretch of the imagination in order to accept his interpretation.


He bases a solution for the state of our world on his belief that the twelve tribes of Israel are not lost. He believes that a large segment of the population of America and Great Britain are members of those lost tribes of Israel. This is his basis for believing the prophecy in the Bible regarding the lost tribes, actually applies to the United States and Great Britain today. He liberally uses quotes from other authors on this topic, especially quotes from Adam Rutherford to support his contention.  The chapter on this topic alone contains twenty footnotes. He also makes claims that some might consider outrageous and definitely against accepted religious doctrine, such as claiming that Jesus preached reincarnation. Again, his support for that claim is that the Celestial Mentors said so.


Throughout the book, Mr. Kenadjian refutes what the Bible says, while at the same time using the Bible to support his views.


His beliefs are pretty far to the right religiously and in some instances could even be called racist. He believes that all governments and all people should accept “Divine Guidance by Spirit Contact”. He also believes that Americans were chosen to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Aside from the author’s spiritual beliefs, he does clearly recognize the trends present today in our governments and economy around the world. He does proclaim a warning that if we don’t do something to change things, the world will be encountering problems that most of us would never expect. Whether Mr. Kenadjian’s conclusions about governments and the world economy come from his Celestial Mentors, as he refers to them, or from his own experience and observation, they are logical and do support his warning to prepare for difficult times ahead.


However, only those who share his particular spiritual beliefs will see it as the “retribution” that he does. He has a valid message about the present and future state of our world, if one can wade through his religious references of “Santanic Souls” and such.


Included in the book, is the art of Martin Zakarian.  Mr. Kenadjian felt strongly that he needed Martin’s art in his book.  The story of their meeting and how they were able to work together on this project is also included in the book.


~review by Jae Napolitano

Author: Berdj Kenadjian

Publisher:  Synergy Books, 2006

pp. 326, $14.95