Mark of the Wolf dives right into this immersive urban fantasy world of werewolves and magic. The characters are genuine and refreshing and fun to follow in the dark adventures. Some characters are pagan, some are queer and everything in between, allowing the reader to connect easily into their world.

When Margaret is plagued by nightmares after being attacked by an animal, she begins to sense there’s more to it when she wakes up with blood under her fingernails and a neighbor’s heifer is killed. Desperate for help and answers, she reaches out to the school’s witch coven for answers. The young coven realized that she is not delusional and may be in serious trouble.  

Will the goth kids be able to help Margaret before she is swept away by the werewolf pack who has claimed her? For fans of horror and urban fantasy, you won’t want to miss checking out The Mark of the Wolf! I really enjoyed it and hope it continues.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: J.S. Groves
Scorpio Moon, 2018
pp. 324, $20.00