This is an intriguing book as Green attempts to incorporate several genres -- mystery, vampire, erotica, and romance – within one story line. That said, the mystery is lightweight and many of the plots twists and turns are a bit predictable although written well enough that you barely notice it. The vampire part of this story is woven throughout and adds an interesting spice to the mix. 

Dawn the main character is a tough woman who is distanced from the world and no one is going to get under her skin. The erotic nature of her main character seems a bit overdone and occasionally misplaced as Green takes this strong female lead through a series of events designed to teach her love in other ways then hot fast sex. However, it is nice to see a female character portrayed as sexual without the typical stereotype of slut. Furthermore, as Green moves away from the erotica and into just telling the story, she entertains the reader with an array of humor and serious byplay.

This is not a bite your nails (or neck) suspenseful mystery or horror. The characters are blended well, giving them all unique personalities that fit the niche needed to carry the story forward.  From the awkwardness of initial meetings to the close ties developed, Green creates believable dialog and relationships among her characters. She throws in a hot in the flesh guy and a mystery boss man who the reader receives hints on who and what he is to muddy the waters with a bit of romance or sex depending on which man is involved. Green teases the reader throughout the book with conspiracies and duplicitous friends. She keeps the reader interested enough to come back for more.  She reveals her plot and subplot in a steady way without falling into clichés or typical ploys. There are some typical elements you would find in almost any mystery yet she manages to keep it fresh and interesting to read. This is the beginning book in a series so Green is able to solve this initial mystery yet keep the story open in some areas to move forward in the series. 

This is a better than average vampire story with enough other elements to keep the reader turning pages. A little sex, a little mystery mixed with a few life lessons, Green has created an entertaining tale of intrigue.


~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Chris Marie Green

Ace Trade, 2007

pp. 336