Practically Dreaming is a novel about finding love in a world where everything is ordered by astrology. From careers to relationships, the infallible Council of Venus charts the course for every person. It's a fascinating version of an overly regimented world, one we usually see in a dystopian sci-fi genre rather than paranormal romance.

This is a good read. The characters are believable and well-rounded; story lines develop easily. If you are at all interested in astrology, then you'll be impressed with how seamlessly those elements are woven into every aspect of the novel.

The novel may be a little tough to find: I recommend reaching out to the author directly. (In all fairness, she's the wife of John Marani another reviewer here at Facing North. I don't know her personally, so I don't think it influenced my review all that much.)

Enjoyable to the end. 

~review by Patricia Mullen
Author: Jennifer Wells
Crescent Moon Press, 2012 --- RE-RELEASED through Literary Cat Press
pp. 280
available through