A Medicine Woman Speaks is a work of non-fiction delving into Na­tive American spirituality and Sha­manism in such a way that it is com­patible with all religious belief sys­tems. This is not a stodgy anthropo­logical book, but one written from Cinnamon Moon's own learning ex­periences while walking the Medicine Woman path. She most definitely “walks her talk” while guiding read­ers on a quest of finding the Spirit within, their own medicine, and the path that is meant for them.

In the book's preface, readers will find many of the self-same ques­tions they have asked themselves be­fore. Moon reassures them that these questions are normal and valid, that they are a part of the natural growth process.


Written from both feminine and masculine points of view, this book provides the basics, aiding readers in creating foundations for their spiri­tual paths. Many topics are covered, including the forces of nature, altered consciousness, spirit guides, univer­sal energies, purification, creating sacred space, working with totems, vision questing and Shamanic jour­neying. There is just enough detail provided in each topic for readers to get a good foundation upon which to work, for, as the author reiterates throughout, no book or any one teacher can or should provide "all the facts". It is up to each person to con­nect with Spirit and forge his or her own path, the path that is meant solely for them— develop the methods Spirit gifts each seeker and practice them.


The book shows that all religions have truths within them, that one should utilize that which resonates while also remaining tolerant and re­spectful of the parts that don't. Also recognized and related throughout the book is the concept that all of life is linked, All Our Relations, via the principles of "as above, so below; as without, so within; macrocosm, mi­crocosm."


Moon believes that wisdom is to be shared, that all are teachers, no one being greater or lesser than an­other, all bringing unique gifts. She states, "I am always in a process of completion" and "There is ever growth to come."


Each teaching is clearly marked with a bold heading so readers may easily thumb through the book and find references they are looking for, or they can turn to the index. There is also a glossary that is beneficial, most especially for the novice.

A Medicine Woman Speaks is a valuable teaching for those searching for answers, for those interested in Native American spirituality and/or Shaminism, be they a novice in these principles, or more advanced.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Cinnamon Moon

New Page Books, 2001

pp. 223, $14.99