The idea of healing oneself is not new, although the advent of Western medicine has taken us far from our trust in our ability to do so. Cyndi Dale believes that when we place our intent to heal into our chakras, the energy centers that regulate the flow of energy throughout our bodies, we do so on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In Advanced Chakra Healing, Ms. Dale discusses healing within a system she terms the Four Pathways. The Four Pathways is a system that focuses on healing the whole self by making simple changes within each level (Elemental - material reality, Power - powers and forces, Imagination – magic, and Divine – consciousness). Each pathway interacts with every other, and Dale believes that changing one causes change in them all.

One of the most valuable aspects of this book is that it discusses the concept of energy and the way in which it functions, as well as intensity, motion, and the four speeds of energy necessary for healing purposes. She also discusses the different types of consciousness on the four pathways: Elemental consciousness (awareness of self and one's own strengths); Power consciousness (awareness of powers outside of self); Imagination consciousness (awareness of the void); Divine consciousness (awareness of the All).

Sensory, psychic, intuitive, phantasmal, and spiritual communication are different methods for transmitting energy, as is the language of communication: the language of matter, feeling, heart, light, shadow, and unity. Her perspective on the elements was fascinating (for one thing, she sees ten basic elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Metal, Wood, Stone, Ether, Light, and Star.) An important part of working with energy is recognizing the source of that energy and Dale covers the various beings found in different modes (the underworld, fairy realm, elemental beings, beings of the earth, beings of the stars, angels, and other spiritual sources).

In the beginning of her chapter on energy mapping tools there is a quiz that to help us determine what our strongest psychic gifts are (and we all have them) that I found interesting. After that, Dale discusses the principle psychic styles (the physical kinesthetic style, the spiritual kinesthetic style, the visual style, and the verbal style) and presents five steps for safely using psychic energy.

Advanced Chakra Healing is well researched and well written. In a logical style, each section builds on the previous, so that the occasionally esoteric idea can be digested on a mundane level, and then worked with on the spiritual. If you are serious about personal and spiritual growth, or have an intent to heal, this book is highly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Cyndi Dale

The Crossing Press, 2005.

pp. 256, $23.95