Ritual Tools

This is a short book, and every page is packed with information. This is a really good book on how to learn to correctly breathe so you can improve your health, ability to focus, mental clarity, and a whole bunch of other benefits that all too many people miss out on because they breathe incorrectly. The author explains how to breathe correctly as well as the benefits of breathing correctly in plain English, without a lot of jargon or foreign terms. This makes the book accessible for anyone, and it’s one I’d recommend to anyone.


What I particularly liked is that the author explains in some detail how to do two types of breathing: The type where you breathe in and your belly expands and the type where you deliberately pull you belly in when you breathe in and expand it when you exhale. He explains what the benefits of doing both types of breathing are and provides clear instructions for doing it. Overall, this is an excellent book.


5 out of 5 breathers.


~reviewed by Taylor Ellwood

Author: Aaron Hoopes

Zen Yoga Press,

pp. 287, $9.95