Larry Burk is an author and a doctor who specializes in acupuncture and hypnosis. Kathleen O’Keffe-Kanavos is a breast cancer survivor with firsthand knowledge of the ability of dreams as discussed in this book and her own medical case is included within its pages. Dreams That Can Save Your Life is brought to the reader as a guide on how our dreams are precognitive of actual illnesses that are trying to present themselves to the ill person. The person is getting signals in their sleep, in normally very early stages, where the body is trying to make the mind aware that something isn’t functioning correctly.

Burk and O’Keefe-Kanavos give the readers several medical studies on the subjects of disease/illness and the signs those patients were given through their dreams at different stages of their progression. These illnesses are across the board from patients with various cancers to those with brain tumors. Each and every case showed that their dreams had warned them of what was happening in their body, the patient just didn’t understand or put any merit to what was happening.

In addition to illness, the reader will get the chance to see how dreams have helped other people see more than disease but injury. It has a section on children’s dreams and talks about how they differ from adults. And the reader will get a chance to read about how they may also dream of illness in loved ones.

The authors then go on in the book to help the reader in developing their own stills for remembering and interpreting their dreams. They learn ways of remembering more dreams then they normally do, and they also learn how symbols pay a part in the dreaming process.  Further they help the reader to understand how they may reenter a previous dream and obtain more information they may need.

This enlightening read doesn’t stop there, the authors progress the book into using our dreams to heal oneself.  By tapping into our own inner voice, we are told what our individual body needs to rebalance and return to health. The readers are encouraged to trust this inner voice and our dreams as viable information for our individual needs.

I would recommend this book to everyone who believes in alternative medicines and  anyone who has a loved one or who, themselves, are struggling with cancer. This book is inspirational and offers alternative approaches to numerous illnesses. It empowers people and offers them  ways to help themselves and have a real purpose and role in their own  health and/or recovery when they are used to letting the doctors do all the diagnosing and prescribing. It always them another avenue to have faith in and to explore while reading many other peoples inspirational success stories.

~review by Keri Nichol

Authors: Larry Burk, MD, CEHP  and  Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos
Findhorn Press, 2018
p. 287, $$17.99