This book is IMPORTANT! If you don't think you need to read this book, check out the quote given at the beginning of Part I:

“Conventional medicine itself is now the number one killer. Iatrogenic (medically caused) deaths, including fatal drug reactions, medical errors and unnecessary medical and surgical procedures, tallied in at 783,936 deaths annually, beating both heart disease (at 699,697) and cancer (at 553,251)...There are inexpensive, natural, non-toxic alternatives that work, but they have been largely suppressed by a profit-driven medical/pharmaceutical/industrial complex that has monopolized markets, the legislature and the courts.”
(Ellen Hodgeson Brown)

So do you just want to survive – or do you want to LIVE? There's a scary, ever-widening abyss between our current medical industry, food supply, and environment and what is actually healthy, health-sustaining and restoring, and life enhancing.

Dr. Eversole has compiled a range of essays that show the hopeful state of “what could be” if alternative healing therapies were widely available. His Infinite Energy Technologies (links to our earlier review) discusses unfamiliar energy technologies that are more effective than solar, wind or hydro-electric generation methods. Likewise, these healing therapies aren't the usual suspects like acupuncture, herbal therapies or homeopathics, but electro-magnetic, sonic, ozone, and micro-crystal technologies that can prevent and eliminate diseases. Most of these healing modalities aren't terribly new, but are effective methods that have simply been inaccessible to Americans. While other countries around the world take advantage of these for preventative care and healing, in the United States the AMA, giant pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance companies have a stranglehold on what constitutes legitimate medical practices (aka “profit leaders”). Legislators mostly fall in line with the corporate stranglehold.

In his introduction, Eversole states, “We are entering the time of the Great Awakening from the long slumber of reductionist materialism.” (p 4) Allopathic medicine has a valid place in emergency situations that require immediate intervention. Preventative care and degenerative diseases, on the other hand, have proven benefits from alternative therapies. This book is intended as an overview of “the promising future of health care.” The Affordable Care Act doesn't incorporate complementary and alternative medicines (CAM), which are incredibly cost-effective and safe. Stupid much?

The contributors to this volume are leading experts in their respective fields. There's a media black-out on this information, so it will be a revelation for most readers. There's a balance of information here. Some writers discuss new technologies and energy healing methods, while others write about the causes of disease, including the “electrosmog” generated by wireless technology and microwaves, and the damage caused by genetically-modified foods and the man-made toxins dumping into our food, water and environment over the past several decades. The end notes supply citations, and more importantly, contact information and website addresses for additional information and device manufacturers. Contributor bios and an index wrap up the book. 

Good health is such a basic need that anyone interested in the future direction of healing should read this book. Educated consumers can have a direct and powerful impact on the medical marketplace – if they understand what's available and know how to leverage that power!

This is an eye-opening volume that sheds light on healing techniques that have been consigned to the shadows for far too long. If you care about health and wellness, get this book. If someone you love has medical issues, give them this book as a gift. The gift of wellness is the best gift ever.

Highly recommended for all!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Edited by Finley Eversole, Ph.D.
Inner Traditions, 2013
pp. 345, $18.95