Founder and creative director of Natural Magick, Linda Perry is now using her expertise to bring us a new book on flower essences focusing on what they are and how to use them. Among her many awards and accomplishments she also earned an Advanced Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences. Through the knowledge she has gained over several years of working in holistic healing, readers now get to enter the world of flower essences with Perry as their guide.

Next in line in the Plain and Simple book series, Perry brings us Flower Essences. She begins this book with a section on what a flower essence is. You learn how this is different than an essential oil and how it can be used to heal and treat the body, mind and spirit. Perry continues in the book by going over Chakras and their connection to the ability for flower essences to heal. The reader learns how these two work hand in hand to allow energy to freely flow throughout the body creating a healthy individual. Perry then takes the reader into the past with a history lesson on the work and findings of Dr. Edward Back. She recommends several supporting books and information that someone interested in the ability to heal with essential oils would find invaluable, from this essence pioneer.

By the time the reader finishes Flower Essences, they have a clear understanding of what an essence is, how it is used to heal and help an individual, how to select the correct essences to use for aliments and why the reader may want to use this alternative approach to healing. In addition, the reader will have an understanding of how to create their own essences and the differences in many of the essences available today. As an added bonus the reader acquires a brief understanding of how environmental energies can be included into these essences by merely being in close proximity.

Flower Essences is an essential book for the holistic practitioner, new comers interested in the benefits and powers of flowers, or any individual interested in healing or altering their mental or physical state. My primary interest has always been in essential oils, without really spending the time to understand their differences with essences. I find this book an essential part of my library as it offers another approach to the same ailments I work with when working with oils. However, this approach comes to us in the form of working with energy and vibrations rather than aromatherapy. The two together could prove to have a powerhouse effect on the body.

~review by Keri Nichol

Author: Linda Perry
Red Wheel Weiser, 2017
p. 131, $14.95